What a great read for the summer!! Trust me and get it!!

Love it!!!

Holy sh*t! I did it!

I did it. I booked a campsite for the boys and I. This is one step closer for me to actually get to go camping solo. Over the past 2 years we have been going with my sister and her husband. This year we kind of graduated. We are going camping at the same campground with them but at a different campsite.

Then…. I took it upon myself to book a site just for the boys and I at a different time and place all together.

The campground we are going to is called Limekiln and it is up in the Adirondacks of NY.

I am actually looking into investing in a small rv that sleeps 3. Since my boys are turning 17 and 18 in September, I think I will be going on my own next summer. I think that a small rv might be better when I am alone as opposed to tent camping. Gotta have room for my dog! haha

So here is our site that I booked in July at Limekiln.

I am beyond excited.

All it takes are baby steps when it comes to accomplishing anything you want. Life is too short not to take a chance.

Sick Day

Yeah well I did it. I called in sick today. Thought about it all night while I was fighting a headache and woke up exhausted but the headache is going away haha.

I went back and forth deciding on whether or not I should call in sick. Thinking of what my future may hold if I do take a sick day. Calculating the days I already took off. Feeling that nervousness in my stomach and then…..a meme popped up on my Facebook feed. Shit you not……

I say hell yeah. So I did. My kids are home from Florida and might be going back again soon. The sun is shining and I just felt like I needed a day off mentally and physically.

Life is for living right? That includes making a living, spending time with the people you love, enjoying every little and big moment. Take the day off.

Not only that but don’t be afraid to do what it is that your gut is telling you to do. What’s the worse that could happen? Seriously, will you be beheaded? Stop the madness.

Worrying gets you no where. Worrying is a useless way to use brain energy. It depletes you and robs you of precious time.

Enjoy your day please I’m begging you. Tomorrow is not promised.

Sylvan Beach, NY

We took a ride today. We started out with about 14 other bikers but a little later on broke off from them because Mike had to go check something out he was going to buy for his shop. Low and behold to make a long story short, he didn’t end up buying it. It didn’t matter because when we get an opportunity to go riding alone, to me, times like that are priceless.

Today we started out at a place called Van’s in Barneveld then headed towards Sylvan Beach which is located on Oneida Lake. The lake is about 30 miles long and you can find place’s to shop, eat, and bars there with live entertainment and pretty darn good food. On days like today with the weather being just about perfect, Sylvan Beach was pretty packed. The place we picked to eat at was Crazy Clams. We split the dill Havarti burger and supreme nachos. The next stop after that was Harpoon Eddy’s just for a quick drink and then we took off after that to go on our own way.

Getting on the back of the bike and riding to wherever with him, gives me a feeling that is indescribable.  The routes we take are for the most part scenic as always. He knows just where to go so we can get the most out of our views for the day. We see so many different things and smell so many different scents in the open air ranging from pines tress, fresh cut grass, different flowers that are in bloom,  bbq grilles going, etc., You just can’t buy things like that and that is what makes the life I live so invaluable.  I love crusing through one town after another, some of which make you feel like you stepped back a couple of decades.

Here are some pics from today and some from our ride a few weeks ago. The little white house and church were located in the Town of Madison, NY.

. church fields us3