I’m done with my last final and now this semester is finally over tg.  I seriously need some downtime. There is one week to go until Christmas and there are a lot of preparations to be made. Why am I blabbing about all this I have no freakin clue but anyway I think I feel a touch of something coming on. Everyone else had it but me so I’m hoping if I get it, I get it now.  Please spare me germ gods!!

My thought for the day…Your life may not be perfect but at least you have one to live. Make the best of it, fix what’s wrong, and don’t live a lifetime of wishing you could have done something more. ~ JG

Have a great Sunday everyone and GOOO Giants!!!

Just breath

019Do things really come in 3’s? Good and bad? Just thinking about someone close to me who is having a bad run of just everything lately. I am feeling her pain because we are that close. Is it karma self induced? She is a good person and means well but she just goes about things the wrong way. Nah I never believed in karma and I’m not going to start now. Does everything happen for reason? I am a REAL optimist and that is why I always, always take the good from the bad. I say to a certain degree there is no control over your destiny. Somethings you do have control over but ultimately it boils down to being in the right or wrong place at the right or wrong time. Timing has a lot to play it in.

I have no idea why I am where I am today but my life feels like it is forever changing lately. There are somethings I have no control of. People come in and out of my life, people do things that affect me directly and indirectly, but that isn’t me. I am not God and I can’t people to love me either. All I can do is take it as it comes. One day at a time, one breath at a time.

Here are some pomegranates my boy and I plucked from this insanely delicious fruit. The whole process of getting these little berries out was a huge but fun process from beginning to end and it was well worth it. Life is like a pomegranate. It can be such a struggle to get what you want out of this life but once you get there you have to enjoy the fruits of your labor(no pun intended lol). Jeez who would have ever thought pomegranate berries would be so beautiful. I guess it’s just how you look at things right?

Thought for the day

Good morning everyone. No matter how big or small the problem or worry is, don’t dwell. You can’t hang on to things that you have no control over and you have be at your best for the people around you. Life is short, so make every single day count. Life is good. 10518186-recipes-for-beautiful-life (1)