This too shall pass….

Whatever is meant to be will be. It always has been that way and it always will. That phrase has been popping up in my face all day. That right there is telling me to go with the flow. I can’t change whatever life has in store for me.

I’m just feeling a little lost right now. My life was going pretty much the way I had always hoped it would and then all of a sudden it changed just like that. One little comment, argument, then it turned into a fight. A fight with no words. This is making me feel so empty and tired. I hate the unknown. I refuse to give in but I hate the waiting. What is next??

I’ll tell ya what’s next…. I’m going to shake this off. Two days wasted of feeling like this is two too many. I’m done. The boys have a game tonight. Life is good and we are going to Dover this weekend for a Nascar race. Who am I to complain. Life could be a hell of a lot worse.

So close but feels like a different state

I’m helping out a friend of mine in a neighboring town who needed someone to cover his store for the week so I said sure why not. I always like a change of scenery but not on a permanent basis. It’s a quaint little city with a lot of different personalities. There are mom and pop stores that are trying to make a go of their business but like everyone else it is a struggle. I hate seeing people struggle.

Tonight my friend is having a wine tasting event in hopes of bringing in new customers. The whole city itself is trying to turn things around and I hope it does.

It seems like the city(in some parts)is flourishing but in other parts it is like the last of a dying breed. It saddens me.

The florist next door is playing classical music outside, the streets are lined with beautiful flowers, and the canal is sparkling with boats passing by. The bakery adjacent to the florist has such an aroma coming from it that it’s making my mouth water.

I guess my point of this blog is give the small guys a shot. Buy local and save the dying breed.

One maroon baseball sock….

I got a piece of advice from a fortune cookie the other day and it says: Avoid senseless contradictions with others. I always try to do that. Nothing is really worth an argument over especially when the person you are talking to always thinks that they are right.

I just like how the fortune was worded and it made so much sense.

Yup I can relate but I don’t have time at the moment to elaborate because the boys have a game at 6 tonight and their dad lost one of their socks so I have to go on the hunt for a maroon baseball sock in a bit. Oh ya see there,no sense in me calling up my ex screaming about a sock right? That right there is a senseless contradiction. I seem to encounter those everyday!

Be back soon…..