Up early today

I’m trying to decide on how my day is going to go. We got the call last night from the school that it will be closed today due to weather so I have my cherubs home again today. Mike and I will have to make rounds and plow people out and then later on finish the boys bedroom. Can’t wait for it to be all done! I’ll take some pics and post when it is complete.

This weekend we took them sledding for a while. The snow and views here in upstate NY are absolutely gorgeous.

There is another 14 inches expected today. I live for this stuff!

Nothing better than being able to have the ability to stay home with my kids, work with my boyfriend, and cherish the time that is granted to me to stay with them. I couldn’t ask for more.

Here are the pics from this weekend.

I’m going to attempt a cinnamon swirl bread I found on pinterest. I’ll be posting that later on. snow2 (2)Snow2015


Well they say there is definitely a big snowstorm on the way so we are hunkering down watching the Super bowl waiting for the snow to start.

There is so much about winter that I just love.

Being snuggled and snowed in with no where to go and no choice but to stay put.

I love staying in with my boys just talking and spending time together and being confined makes me feel safe sometimes.

I hope the weatherman is gets it right this time.

Be safe everyone.