Fresh roasted green beans and Vidalia onions

Seriously this is such a simple recipe. There is no excuse not to eat healthy. I think you just have to be creative and put your noggin into it.

All I used was about a pound of fresh green beans and one whole Vidalia onion. Wash the beans first and snap the ends off. Then boil for approximately 10 minutes and drain. Cut the Vidalia onion up into medium slices and put in a baking dish with the green beans. I then drizzled olive oil on top (about 2 to 3 tbsp) and sprinkled some onion powder and pepper on top. Just move the beans and onion around so that they all get moist from the olive oil. That was it!! You can add salt and any extra spices that you wish.

Bake in the oven on the top rack at about 375 – 400 depending on your oven for about 20 minutes. I like mine with a little crisp at the edges.

4 thoughts on “Fresh roasted green beans and Vidalia onions

  1. very nice and simple idea. One difference I would make? Olive oil doesn’t like to ever be heated above a medium heat, so I would substitute a nice organic sesame oil, and a pinch of Chinese five spice powder.


    • Wow! Great to know about sesame oil and the five spice! I am always up for suggestions and ways to improve my cooking but I’m afraid to try new things in fear of screwing up the dish totally and wasting money lol. Thank you for sharing.


      • Jeana, one of my favorite joys is cooking, but have had to relearn the old ways and substitute what is healthier. I absolutely loved this dish when I did it the other day! And I have roasted nearly everything but never fresh green beans. Thanks for helping me in my healthy eating quest.


      • It’s great to have people(even if they are from blogging)that can help you with ideas on healthier eating. I can’t believe that since I’ve started blogging how much more I’ve learned from other people’s life styles. And thanks to you too on your tips. It’s great and I appreciate it! Enjoy your day. 🙂


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