My dream last night

I had a dream about my mom last night. She passed away last August and this was the 2nd dream I had of her but it was a good one. I came in the side door of her house and went to the left a few stairs down into the basement where she washed clothes and was calling to her mom, mom. I heard her voice and she said yes I’m here. Then she came out from the other room in her basement wearing her pajamas and I walked down stairs all the way and said I love you and we started hugging. She said I love you too and it was like I really felt her, smelled her, and could hear her voice. I asked her if I’m wrong. I kept saying, mom am I wrong and she said no honey you’re not. It’s not right what they did to you.

I wonder if that was her coming to me in my dreams or is it my mind thinking this on its own? It felt so real and it was so vivid. The next part of the dream we went up to her kitchen/dining area and she said you have to rent my house. But it was already being occupied by the new owners(as it is now)and when were were standing in the kitchen the new owner came through the back door asking what we were doing in her house. We just started talking and the new owner said, oh I didn’t actually buy this house I’m just renting it and I’ll be out soon. Mean while even though my mom was dead she was still talking with us and the new owner.

I’ve been dreaming so much lately and remembering my dreams but that’s why I had to write this one down because I didn’t want to forget it. I cried when I woke up. A good and bad cry I guess because I really felt her and because I miss her so much. She was all I had left. I don’t talk to my sisters anymore and my dad lives in Florida. I talk with him occassionally but my mom was the only one who really cared about my boys(on my side of the family).

I miss her so much. If anyone knows something about dreams do you have any idea what this is suppose to mean? If there is any hidden meaning behind this one at all?