Ya talk too much

Sometimes I wonder what the hell goes on in my head? I talk way too much and to the wrong people sometimes. I go on and on and write these novels thinking people wanna actually hear what I have to say but in reality I think only a few do. I’m also thinking of cutting my ties with some certain people by deactivating my facebook for a while. I wish I cold deactivate it yet keep it only for myself but I am afraid one day the private button won’t work lol. ANyway here is a post that I was going to put on facebook but chickened out. I have no idea why usually I have no problem saying what I feel but lately I feel like I lost my voice. Hard to explain.

One of my random theories in life to live by today is; you can’t harbor bad feelings of what or who caused you pain in life because it will only consume you and end up robbing you of the good that you’re surrounded by. If you constantly dwell on the negative, that is what your life will become.  My misfortunes in life aren’t anything compared to what a lot of people are experiencing right now and that is the positive I am holding on to and cherishing. Any other thoughts are unacceptable at this point. As long as my boys/family/friends are healthy and happy that is all I care about.  I am surrounded by so much good that when I think about how great my life is, those feelings of contentment that I have, cancel out everything and everyone that cause me grief. It is truly an amazing and genuine feeling, if that makes sense. I post things like this because I want to share ALL the good in my life. My other intention for posting thoughts like this is that maybe someone out there can benefit from what I am saying. Nothing more, nothing less.  If I can’t do something for someone physically or in a monetary kind of way, maybe I can’t help them out mentally by saying certain words that will help them look at life in a different light or maybe change their way of thinking for the better.

This is where I need to be, with my babies sitting right next to me……I can’t wait to leave it all behind.