The House is a Mess

Forget everyone else. What does everything mean to you? The big and the little. The fact that you love binging on Sex and the City and spending two days doing absolutely nothing, means that you can and who cares. The house is a mess, garbages are full, work needs to get done but eh it will eventually.

When it’s time to get your ass in gear you will. Don’t beat yourself up. When? When? When?

Take a deep breath. Look around. What needs to be done? Make a mental note of it. Wake up, sit up, and kick that road block down(when you’re ready).

Do a mass dump. Lol. Dump the garbages and dump the laundry in one basket. Get in the shower to get you motivated and while you’re in there, spray it down with some cleaner(not bleach) and scrub away.

Scrub away and wash whatever is keeping you in bed down the drain.

You’re entitled to a couple of non motivated days but eventually you gotta get going.

Whatever situation you’re in at the moment it’ll pass. Do something little to get your mind off of it. Get a roll of paper towels, spray down the toilet, sink, tub and scrub your little heart out.

It takes just one thought or action to get out of your slump. One step. That’s it. When you’re ready though. Don’t push. You’ll know.

2 thoughts on “The House is a Mess

  1. This is how I handle those periods in my life. I give into the darkness for a bit then eventually say, “Okay, Woman. Let’s do this.”
    Depression can be a chemical imbalance that needs medication to get through it, but with slow, consistent positive experiences you can overcome it and begin to heal. It just takes longer than medication. I don’t know if you’re on meds, I’m saying that I’ve found I can work through it without, but some people can’t.
    So yeah, allowing yourself a few non-motivational days, then jumping back into the game is PERFECTLY A-OKAY.
    In fact, I’d say it’s a great form of SELF LOVE.
    And you deserve to be loved, starting with yourself!

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    • Self love is huge. We all need to take care of “me” first and then everything else will fall into place. Also there might not be anything major going on in life, it could just be a simple funk. We all get into ruts once in a while, with or without depression. Once we know how to shake it off, it is only then we will get back on track! Thank you for commenting!

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