Say what you feel Wednesday

Just thinking about what someone use to say to me a while ago about someone else, over and over again. They said, “he has such bad luck all the time, poor guy, etc.” That really irks me. No one has bad luck. You create your own luck. You treat others right, be honest, humble, caring, and considerate that’s what you will get in return. If you are doing something because ultimately the intentions ar…e to benefit yourself, well then, eventually that will come back and bite you in the ass. What does it really take to speak kindly to someone and go out of your way to be nice? Can someone really be that selfish that they can’t put their own wants and needs aside momentarily just to make others happy without having an ulterior motive? I just don’t get it? Those are the people that sit there and say poor me, I can’t believe this is happening to me….Well think about it stupid, could it be for the fact that you created the life you are in and it isn’t what everybody else did to you but what you did to them and how you treated others? This post isn’t intended for anyone specific. I’m just making a general comment. I’m lucky enough that the majority of the people that I am surrounded by that this doesn’t pertain to. What does it take to open a door for someone, ask them how their day is going, listen earnestly to their conversation. None of these things cost money and I guarantee would make someone’s day. Watch your conversations also. Don’t say something to someone if your intentions are to belittle them, make them feel slighted or bad about themselves, or even just to prove something. No one has anything to prove to anybody, but themselves. Nothing anyone does or says impresses me and it never will. I like you for the person you are and not what you can bring to the table, if that makes sense. Must be the cold air that is putting pressure on my brain to say all this! Enjoy the day today, especially if you are as lucky as I am and get to spend it with your babies! — feeling content.

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