Drink that water

Recently I was put on blood pressure medicine for….high blood pressure wooo. Never thought in my life that day would come but it did. I am trying to take care of myself better so I can eventually get off of it. I don’t eat terrible but I think the combination of my age(42), the stress that I am under, and the yo yo¬†eating habits I’m on contributed to causing the high blood pressure. With that being said, since I’ve been on the bp medicine I have been feeling achy, my neck and back have been hurting, but even before the medicine I was feeling those same symptoms coming on so I went for blood work and it turns out that my kidneys were showing that I have not been drinking enough water. Now I know the benefits of drinking water and how important it is but for some stupid reason I never did. Well for the past 3 days I have increased my water intake probably by 85% and let me tell you I am starting to feel like a different person. My neck stopped hurting, my bones stopped aching, my lower back is starting to feel better. All because of water. I am your average run of the mill mom and my advice to whoever is reading this, if you are feeling a little off increase your water consumption. Start there first and see how you feel just after 3 days. It is such a simple solution to a problem that you would never think could go away or be so easily solved.