Land O Lakes Sautee Express

Omg heaven in a square!! All you need to do is take plain chicken breast and add 1 square. I tried the garlic and herb one tonight and it was amazing. My boys and boyfriend just loved it. For the size of the square and the amount of sodium, cholesterol, and fat it has, it isn’t bad at all.

I made chicken breasts tonight with the Sautee Express. Fresh green beans with red onion in a little bit of I Can’t believe it’s Not Butter, and fresh garlic(salt and pepper to taste). I also made homemade mashed potatoes BUT I put in mayonnaise because it is low in cholesterol and gives you a better flavor without having to add all that salt and butter in. You can also use chicken bullion in your mashed potatoes if you want to go super healthy.


Van’s Cheese Crackers

16152 SC_Crackers7.1Okay here I go again with another gluten-free product. Like I said I am not on a gluten-free diet but I am trying to eliminate gluten from my diet little by litte so I am experimenting with some products. This one is Van’s Cheese Crackers omg and they are freakin good I can’t believe it. I am hesitant to try gluten-free products because #1 they tend to be costly and #2 they don’t always taste that good. I must say though these crakers are very good and if you are looking to go gluten-free give them a try.

Bakery on Main

Bakery-on-Main-Granola-without-OatsOkay here is the gist, I just tried a product from Bakery on Main called Granola Gluten Free Nutty Cranberry Maple and let me tell you it is delish. I put less than a handful in my Chobani banana yogurt and it fills you up and taste so good. I can’t say that I am on a gluten-free diet but I am trying to eat some foods that are gluten-free to see how it affects my body. So far my tummy is less bloated and I feel more energized.

I’ll be trying products out here and there that are gluten-free so I’ll keep ya’ll posted on the test results.

Just call me your G.P.(guinea pig) 🙂


Quick thought

I have an itch which I am in the process of scratching it. I feel something stirring inside of me when I think about blogging and pursing a semi-small career in it. For now I am making a compilation of all my ideas for my new blog and will but these thoughts in motion as soon as I make that first step. I can’t believe how good these thoughts are making me feel. This has to be my calling!