Morning coffee

It’s amazing how many thoughts go through your mind when drinking your morning cup of coffee. I just read another bloggers post and it inspired me to write a quick one and turn my something “bad” into something good. My bad being thoughts about my mom and just a couple of life things in general but then it dawned on me, today I WOULD HAVE been married for 19 years but I took the courage to call it quits on a bad marriage going nowhere. That is definitely great thing in my life right now that I am so grateful it for today. The best part of it was I got two of the most amazing kids out of the deal so all the heartache, pain, and suffering I did was well worth it. Remember it’s never too late to take that first step. I found out it takes a lot of time to heal in any situation. That is a process you cannot rush and I’m learning that everyday. The best thing to do is literally sit down and write down all the positives in your life and use it as your elixir.  Good things and positive thoughts do heal.