I am currently in my last semester in getting my associates in Human Services and I saved the best classes for last, one of them being Sociology and Abnormal Psychology. I scheduled it this way because I wanted to enjoy learning what people are all about and what makes them tick.

Sometimes I feel like I am surrounded by a bunch of idiots I swear. I know I am far from perfect but why is it that people will say whatever they want to whoever they want at no expense of the other person’s feelings? Is it for the sole reason that they lack intelligence? I really believe that is the case or is there some kind of hidden narcissistic trait within?

I heard a simple statement on the radio yesterday, “You get treated the way you allow people to treat you.” I know this but yet I allow people to say things to me and I just turn the other cheek. Now inside my head there are a slew of thoughts going on about what I would love to say in return but I just bite my tongue. I feel like sometimes it isn’t worth the argument. How can you argue stupid?

But at what point to I stop allowing this to go on? What am I afraid of losing? Losing people in my life that have no regards for my feelings? What am I teaching my kids by letting them see how others disrespect me? I am lucky enough that they have the intelligence to know that it isn’t right to speak disrespectfully to someone.

Don’t get me wrong, overall I am happy with MY life and I am happy and secure with the person who I am but what wears on me lately that some people think that they can get away with speaking to other people with no respect.

Again, it is my fault for allowing this to happen but I try to weigh the pros and cons to eliminating this type of behavior and what the percentages are between the good and not so good times and right now it is teetering on 50/50.

The point to this post is a little message to those out there that do not think before they speak. Before you speak and let those words roll off your tongue, give it some though and ask yourself, would I want someone to treat me in the same manner and how would I feel if I was spoken to in the same fashion?

Feels good to post once again. I hate letting time go by and not taking advantage of what a great opportunity it is to get my point across to the world, even if nobody is listening lol.

Have a great day everyone!!!

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