Think before you speak

Some people are just plain stupid. That is exactly what I look at it like. I feel pity for people who have no morals or couth. That only makes them that less of a decent, caring, loving, person. I’ve come to the decision that I am not going to let people like that poison my thoughts or life. Oh and other word for people like that are just rude.

The question I already know the answer to is, why do people like to inflict hurt and pain on others? Why would someone like to see someone else suffer to make themselves look better? I just don’t get it? I would never ever try to take something or say something to someone else to better my self at any degree.

If you see someone else in need or in a worse off position than yourself, wouldn’t you try to help that person out? Not even in a monetary way, just in an emotional or supportive way?

Some people fail to realize that it’s not all about them and what is going to make them feel good and satisfied. Do those type of people ever figure out that their inner misery stems from the fact that cause other people pain? Really, that’s it in a nut shell.

I get emotionally hurt, feel pain, and have anger because of the way people are vicious and cause me pain as well as others. I can’t let that happen anymore. Seriously, it has to stop or it’s going to end up killing me. I take everything to heart and in the end, it means absolutely nothing. I have to remember to shield myself from people like such. My whole life I have dealt with shit. Shit from my parents, shit from a certain sibling, shit from people who I really thought gave a lol “shit” about me. It has to stop.

I know I have made mistakes in the past but from those mistakes I truly learned my lesson. I’m not saying I can call myself Mother Theresa because from time to time I can do stupid stuff but overall I get what it is all about. I just wish others would also but ya know it isn’t my problem or emotional ball and chain anymore. I am going to eliminate those people from my thought and pain process. I may not be able to remove them from my life but I have the ability to control the pain they can cause me. I’m done.

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