Hello world…

What a perfect title to this post. If you never heard the song by Lady Antebellum, Hello World, make sure you pull up the lyrics as you listen to the song. It makes you look at life in a whole new perspective. Life is truly that precious and it’s just too bad people don’t take the time to realize that. I’m glad I finally woke up today(yes today actually) and smelled the daisies(my favorite flower). Maybe if you’re reading my blog, you too are doing a little soul-searching and trying to figure out what your purpose in life is as well. I’ve been down that path so many times before, but I think I’ve figured out my “niche” and what path I’m suppose to travel down, so come with me and maybe we can do this together. I’m a great listener, so if anyone is lost and stumbles upon my page, feel free to vent. I also have a passion to be a problem solver. There is no better reward then trying to make someone feel better. Life is good and only you have the power to make it better.

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